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high quality

At Vico Steel Projects we always strive to provide our clients affordable and high-quality sandblasting services.


Our team takes the necessary time to understand your sandblasting requirements and provides you with expert advice and the best solution to make your sandblasting project a success.


Sandblasting is the use of sand or other abrasive particles in the cleaning or smoothing of metal objects.  It is also commonly used to remove old paint or rust from metal surfaces.

Sandblasting is an excellent method to remove impurities and restore the appearance of metal.


At Vico Steel Projects we conform to the highest safety and quality standards to ensure that your sandblasting project succeeds.


job card process

All new orders received will be completed based on the timelines discussed in the quote.  Timelines will vary between 5 - 7 business days, depending on our capacity and the size of the order. No rush orders on any sandblasting jobs will be accepted.  Daily updates on orders will be sent.

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